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How to choose a handbag

First, you need to consider your body type, if you hold chloe replica on your shoulder, or in your bag hand.Some things you have to consider your body type.
If you are a plus size woman, you do not want anything too small, because only make you look bigger.
If you are petite, oversized bag looks strange.
If you have a sleek package will emphasize chloe bags replica only the circle roundness of your body.

Do not get too caught up in what feels inferior, you look for trends.
Your bag into a lot of money? Then, you want a replica chloe bag still years in style. (Yes, we are concerned with style). If this is the only bag you use, you want it to be another versatile.And very important thing to consider, you can afford it. It's no secret, handbags has become a high-priced item these days.
Along with trusted friends, and ask for some feedback.

Consider the following items:
How will you frequently use this bag? replica chloe bags Every day or on special occasions? You spend worth your time will actually use it money? # * You like to stay in the trend? If so, you may purchase a package out of style quickly. You can live with the fact that you may not use the bag after the trend?
Do you like your bag to match all your clothes? Perhaps you chloe bags replica should consider a more expensive version, so you can buy more than one?
Be honest with yourself and how you treat your bag. Does your makeup bag in your overflow? You threw it right? Place it on the floor and sat a lot? If so, you might want to think twice in a bag, will get a lot of cash forked replica chloe bags uk fragile.

When Eddie Borgo decided to create handbags, jewelry designer in New York knew he would not be an element: cone nails. It may come as a surprise, Borgo, since the founding of his eponymous line of seven years ago, is not to give his client chloe sale online the bag to match their Pavé cone bracelet, at this point, it is actually a closet It requires creative industry who has been specializing in avant-garde chic types. But it avoids the obvious goal is Borgo. "I'm not just trying to cover up their cones and call it a day," he said.

For Borgo, who studied chloe cheap art history at Hunter College in New York City, inspired by street culture and ideology of post-punk movement and modern sculpture. His debut for the new category, Borgo turned his attention to his grandmother's purse cheap chloe bags and mid-century American car the minimum future aesthetic, especially phantom pirate ship, a long, sleek fastback coupe prototype was built in 1938 year. His way to do multi-tasking include Vic, a sleek metal minaudière in a removable sleeve leather cross-body during the day, and Colt cross body having a plurality of cheap chloe bag tape options, allowing it to also serve as the top mobile bag or clutch. "Our idea is to create briefcase, briefcases, briefcases and evening bag hybrid between" Borgo said. "You almost have to believe that they are from the 1950s, but because of the attention to detail and engineering, you immediately knew they chloe bags cheap were not."
Since he began working on plans sack two years ago, the number of industrial design Borgo attended the meeting. "Others have come from the biomedical field, or they create a microchip," the designer said with a smile. He also chloe bag cheap went to the 3-D printing, and that his point of difference from the more mature line of accessories to achieve the ability to rapidly prototype. "Now I can achieve something in pencil sketches and hand it to one of my designers move to 3D rendering," Borgo said. "We have in our MakerBot overnight printing machines, we can try to come chloe online outlet out the next day." It is through this 38-year-old found in bags of aluminum hardware used, rather than the traditional brass make them very light weight is irrelevant, for a carrying a woman who calls her good new technology, tablet PCs, wallet, keys, lipstick and with her almost all the time. (Borgo also love to do a sleek compact rooms all discount chloe bag the necessities to supplement the lineup.)

Introductory price of $ 990, the bag, which is in pastel colors from Italian leather manufactures rubber production (jet black, evergreen, blush pink, gray and a subtle purple) and Ikram, Max Rumsfeld was introduced, and later four or five Biboerge chloe bags sale uk costume jewelry prices. But designers say they are career-oriented women, like art consultant Curtis and filmmaker Liz Goldwyn, both loyal fans, who have been since the beginning with him. Despite his protests, the cone is in - the shape of the foot of the bag and its triangular cross-section of the handle has sorted. "My girls chloe online shop uk are the same," Borgo said. "She just grew up a little."

How to match the wallets and clothing
Before you choose a wallet, consider your clothes. Think of your equipment is fashion, classical, casual or elegant, and whether your clothes are solid colors or patterns. Know where you are going to, what you are doing chloe outlet bags that day.

First, choose a color. If your clothes are neutral colors, bright handbag can add a punch of color. If your wardrobe choices involve bright colors, a basic brown or black bags can tone it down a little. Matching is unnecessary. Just make sure chloe bags outlet online all the colors complement each other.

Choose a model, if your clothes are solid. You can mix and match patterns, in some cases, but it is tricky. If you decide to take a chance on the wear pattern wallet patterned clothes, choose the color patterns of local chloe bags outlet uk tournaments.

Choose a purse that is directly proportional to your clothes. A huge handbag, fashion, while that may look out of place next to a pious summer. However, you do not have to sacrifice style features delicate clutch is lovely, but they may chloe bags shop online not hold everything you need day.

See in length. If you like a shoulder bag, select a playing your body a pleasant place, because handbags add bulk to your frame. If your hips are large, you should stay in your wallet waist draw the eye upward. If you have a thick waist, pick a long strap purse.